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Updated Information – March 18, 2022

Dear parents/guardians,

Spring is coming and the Come Alive Outside kids’ passport is coming to an end on April 1st.  If you fill out this survey – https://bit.ly/pass22S your child (fill it out for each of your children) will be entered in the drawings for the grand prizes!  Please complete it before April 8th.  We will hold the drawing on the 9th.  The school with the highest percentage of completed parent surveys will win a special trophy this year. Help your school win a trophy and fill out the survey! Myra

Myra Peffer

Program Director

Come Alive Outside




Dear parents and teachers,

We know how stressful times are right now.  We at Come Alive Outside have seen with all of our programs how connecting with nature can help reduce stress in our lives.  Taking a walk, snowshoeing or just standing outside and breathing can help.  I hope you can take the time to try some of the activities in the kids’ passports.  If your child has lost theirs you can find digital copies at https://comealiveoutside.com/passports/ or Wild Kind Toys, Phoenix Books as well as Rutland Pediatrics all have copies.  There are activities that classes can do together like make nature art or look for animal tracks in the snow.  Take time to get outside and connect with nature!



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