Latest News Continued

*NHS Induction Ceremony: Thursday, June 2 at 1:45 pm

*7-12 Parent/Guardian Jumprope Guide

*Early Dismissal for PreK-12th Grade at 2:00 pm/All Wednesdays for the 2021-2022 School Year

*Updates to WRS Summer Driver’s Ed. Program
The West Rutland School Summer Driver’s Ed. program will not be able to accommodate students residing outside of the school district for the summer of 2022.

*Golden Gossip Podcasts
   Golden Gossip Podcast – February/March 2022
   Golden Gossip Podcast – January 2022
   Golden Gossip Podcast – December 2021
   Golden Gossip Podcast – November 2021
   Golden Gossip Podcast – Costumes: What is right and what is questionable?
   Golden Gossip Podcast – October 2021

*Summer 2022 – Student Opportunities
For a list of summer 2022 opportunities for students please click here.

*Raising Funds for a Brighter Future

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