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About Us

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GRCSU Vision: L.E.A.D.– Learn, Explore, Aspire, Discover

GRCSU Mission: The core mission of the Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union is to
create an engaged learning community by empowering students to:

  ● Learn independently and collaboratively.
  ● Explore their own passions and choose their own pathways.
  ● Aspire to achieve success.
  ● Discover their own roles as contributing members of local and global communities.

West Rutland School Home-School Compact 2021-2022

To help all children achieve high standards teachers will:

  • Provide evidence of individual achievement respectful of student needs through ongoing assessment
  • Provide regular communication with parents and students
  • Report student successes and concerns to parents
  • Provide suggestions for appropriate activities with children at home
  • Offer a variety of learning opportunities
  • Serve as a positive role model through behavior, work ethic, and respect

Parents will:

  • Report student successes and concerns to teachers
  • Provide specific time and space for homework completion
  • Review and supervise schoolwork
  • Attend to physical needs by assuring rest, proper nutrition, and necessary medical attention
  • Assure regular and punctual school attendance to school

Students will:

  • Prepare all assignments in an organized manner
    Strive to achieve best effort
  • Report successes and concerns to parents and teachers
  • Arrive on time and attend regularly
  • Assume responsibility for their behavior